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Leadership Descriptions

The following officers are required and must be elected by the Chapter membership:

Chapter Director: 

  • Schedules and chairs the Board meetings, prepares the agenda, and oversees the

    preparation and distribution of minutes (cf. MEETINGS below)

  • Guides the Board in setting the vision and goals, ensuring that the vision and goals

    complement those of the national organization.

  • Oversees the implementation of Board decisions

  • Maintains communication with the diocese

  • Serves as the primary liaison with the NPM National Office and the Membership Forum

  • Makes every effort to attend the annual NPM Convention, including all events programmed

    for Chapter leadership

  • Is a co-signer on the Chapter bank account

  • Assures the Chapter is using tools provided by the National Office, including email

    addresses, online content, and Google Suite tools.


  • Establishes and maintains a bank account for Chapter funds (cf. FINANCES below) ➢ Pays expenses as approved by the Board

  • Receives and deposits rebate funds from the National Office

  • Keeps records of all financial transactions

  • Issues financial reports to the Board

  • The Treasurer and theChapter Director may not be the same person.


  • Records minutes of all meetings

  • Submits the written minutes to the Chapter director for review and distribution

  • Records the proceedings of other Chapter events as requested by the Chapter director

  • If there is no publicity coordinator, the secretary assumes those responsibilities.

The following are examples of other possible positions on the Board. These positions can either be elected by the Chapter membership or appointed by a consensus of the Chapter Director, Treasurer, and Secretary. Contact a board member for a detailed job description.

  • Programming Coordinator

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Publicity Coordinator

  • Web Master

  • Membership Coordinator

  • Prayer Coordinator

  • Hospitality Coordinator

  • Member-at-Large

  • Students/Interns

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